2022/7/1 Discontinuation of Selling Some Gifts

As we continue to generate a fresh assortment of exciting gifts, we will need to phase out the following on 6/30/2022 (GMT-7) and 7/1/2022 (GMT+8) to make space for brand new ones!
Don’t worry! 17LIVE will continue to share more cool gifts, stay tuned.🎁

※Although we will discontinue selling those gifts as stand-alone, some of the gifts included in Surprize Gifts may possibly be offered depending on probability.
※Baby coins indicated in the column for Price shall be described as BC.


Gift name Price(BC) Gift image
3D Good Night 500 No.2.png
Heart Cannon 2,499 No.4.png
Happy Birthday 999 No.6.png
So....? 2,000 No.8.png
Venus 2,999 No.10.png
Plush Hat 1,299 No.11.png
3D Goodbye 500 No.13.png
Mouse 999 No.15.png
Overflowing Heart 2,499 No.16.png
Baby kiss 1,299 No.17.png
Floral Laurel 999 No.19.png
Spotlight (Rainbow) 300 No.20.png
Flying Kiss 1,499 No.22.png
Colorful Laser 300 No.23.png
17 Clown 499 No.24.png
Blue Warp 150 No.25.png

A Sky Full of Stars

249 gift_camp_box.png




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